Saturday, September 11, 2010

Up Your Nose - The Beginning. Sort Of.

'Up Your Nose' will be devoted to the art of scent.

You will find posts and articles relating to the subject of aromatherapy, anointing oils, ritual oils,  herbs, and alternative perfumery.  Mainly aromatherapy which is my first of the scented passions.  Of course I'll have to slip in once-in-a-while when products from Crushed Velvet & Roses (that's me!) are released too ;)

Eventually I would love to include product reviews from some of the most amazing start-up indie scent companies.  Or at least one time they were indie,  perhaps a bit bigger now but still not too big for their britches ;)

You will find that I do not play politics, which believe me....there are tons of them in the aromatherapy/perfumery/soap worlds.  Dirty, dirty I tell you!   I never have and am not about to start now.  

Positive energy will flow through these posts, and there will be no bickering, pinching, biting, hair-pulling, slapping, fighting, punching or kicking in the legs and running off allowed. 

If you need something to read RIGHT NOW and can't wait on me to get things posted - hop on over and check out Jeanne Rose's latest newsletter or go hang out with Miz Permalia Flowerbottom at Oh, True Apothecary!