Thursday, September 16, 2010


Today I got dressed as I normally do when I'm going to just schlep around the house, do a little cleaning, and get some long over-due reading done.  Of course most of what I accomplished was just obsessing.

Over the last couple of weeks I've received a series of emails from past customers and/or friends of mine who have been asking me to either make them specific products or asking if I still make products.  I've also been speaking to fabulous femmes I've trusted and adored for years in the aroma world who have encouraged me in this direction as well.

Which is funny to me.  Funny because I have been throwing around the idea in mah purtee leetle head to start making a few products again.  Butter Bars and Balms mainly.  Screaming Queenie (PMS blend), Bitch Balm (self-explanatory) and a couple of other blends come to mind that I'm keeping to myself, for now.  I've even wanted to start writing about aromatherapy once more!

I'm big on 'signs' and gifts from the Universe and thought, hmm.  Is all of this a sign?  Or am I MAKING it seem like a sign because I've really missed and regret not using the oils?

Today the icing on the cake (aka gift from the Universe!) for me was  was a mysterious package that arrived from the Grande Dame Jeanne Rose. I couldn't wait to open it because no matter WHAT the package contained - I knew that it would smell like the House of 1,000 Aromatic Wonders

Having been missing Jeanne Rose horribly I opened up the package and was immediately transported aromatically to my favorite home in the world.  Aaaah, the power of scent never ceases to amaze me!  If only I could find my ruby red slippers so that I could click them three times and be home.  *sigh*  The Oompa Loompas all had to have a turn inhaling directly from the box as well so they could "smell Jeanne Rose's house!"

No I am not willing to divulge what was in the box just yet - but trust me.  Once I am ready to tell everyone about it - you'll hear about it here first!

As for making products and getting back into working with the oils again - how can I turn down a direct sign from the Grande Dame herself?

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