Friday, September 17, 2010

Funny Face Mold

Imagine opening this up to use.....and even your butter bar is laughing at you.  OMG!  Is it laughing *at* me?  Or at my fat arse?  Can it see my cellulite?  Why is it laughing at meeeeee?  Definitely not for the easily paranoid!

Have been looking around for soap molds that I like (but not for soaps!) and found this one.  I can't decide if it's creepy-creepy (but not in a crepeldah sort of way) or if it's just funny.  Not sure why it's colored that gross brown either.....and the damn thing has TEETH! just sayin.

OK.  It's way creepy.  


Tumbledown said...

I love it!!!!

Oh, True Apothecary said...

HAhahahahaha! Well, at least its eyes are closed . . . maybe it's a private joke and has nothing to do with your arse. Maybe it's a grin of self-satisfaction -- he's happy you're rubbing him on your bum :)