Monday, April 18, 2011

Ruh Khus Vetiver

*sigh* Unbeknownst to me my 2 bottles of Ruh Khus Vetiver spilled and now the thick, delicious, ooey, gooeyness of it is unable to be saved.

I think I'll have to go throw myself on the floor and have a horrid fit.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Magic at the Scented Djinn

The djinn goes on about how it's a magical being, and as such, asks-- shouldn't there be something a bit more magical in the apothecary than beautiful perfumes and a smattering of lusciously blended soaps and butters? 

The Third Eye Meditation Unguent was created at the first motion of the full moon waning, the beginning of movement toward the dark moon, a time of meditation, reflection and a building up of psychic powers. 

Made with certified organic hemp seed oil, unrefined golden beeswax, and scented with boswellia carterii absolute (frankincense), saffron absolute, rosa damascena absolute, jasmine auriculatum absolute, and night queen absolute, the meditation unguent is meant to be READ MORE HERE

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Human Scent Strip

The very loverly Kedra Hart & Tiger Powers from Opus Oils get a fabulous visit from Brian

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Possible New Aromatherapy Blend

Whineeze - for when your children are making you want to poke your ear drums out with a red-hot-poker due to their endless whining.

Surprised by the Haus of Waft!

Squeee!  I actually looked at my stats on my Artfire store and found through a listing of referring links that Crushed Velvet & Roses had been mentioned on Haus of Waft in a posting titled:  'The Fragrant Court of Natural Perfumers.'

" I found this little gem on artfire, they are small, but they are all natural. The perfumes have awesome names like “Lulu Honey Vamp” and “Crazy Bitch Aromatherapy Stress Relief Oil”. Don’t underestimate them because they are small, with the ingredients they use, their products pack a wallop of fragrance."

I've been looking for a sign to continue pushing forward and making perfumes and potions - maybe I should start actually paying attention!  Check the posting out, there are a lot of fab perfumers listed, some I even know ; )

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rosa Damascena for Grief

"Dat Rosa Mel Apibus - The Rose Gives Bees Honey"
Engraving (possibly) by Johann Thedore deBry (d. 1598)

The Queen of Flowers, quite possibly the Queen Flower of Heaven, angelic, joyful, anti-depressive, dreamy, spiritual, comforting, euphoric Rosa Damascena.  A rose is not a rose unless it is the Damascena.  The quintessential oil for women next to Spikenard, which of course is next to Rosa Damascena.  

 I have a very small amount of this oil,  just enough for me, myself and I. Would I share it with you? Let me think.  Um, depends on who is asking. lol

I've been relying on the Rosa Damascena more than usual, after losing one of my life-long best friends suddenly in January.  Inhlation mainly and massage with rice-bran oil occasionally - because sometimes the scent can transport you into realms outside the grip of grief.  I'd rather be outside grief's castle than being locked inside the dungeon unable to see the light of day. 

Grief is a real pain in the ass, you know?  It interferes with all sorts of things - physically, emotionally, mentally.  I can be fine one minute and the next I'm an emotional trainwreck. While the oil is not a cure-all it does help to calm my anxiety/melancholy/sense of loss (is that the right way to phrase it? No I don't think so but let's say it puts me in a better state of mind.)  Dealing with the "if only she....." or "why didn't I see/hear/sense......." scenarios over and over again really could make one go quite mad.  So instead of going mad I try to sew my broken heart back together.

Anger is another tentacle of grief I can do without.  Try as it may - the rose oil just doesn't cut it sometimes and I  find myself incredibly angry with her at times.  I hope she doesn't think she can come fluttering by me with freshly made spun sugar wings and not expect me to throw on my Docs and kick her angelic ass for leaving me and everyone else. I mean, REALLY!  She's the one who is supposed to be cooking for all of us girls, bossing us around and making sure there's someone to change our Depends when we're all old bats, with wrinkles down to our ear lobes or eyebrows lifted up to our hairlines with that stunned, permanent look of surprise.  You all know who you

Rose lets you laugh and dance with angels, soothes your senses, lifts you up when you don't think you can get up on your own.   Perhaps I'll blend it up with a bit of Spikenard and of course, Patchouli.  Talk about something sacred and profound -it doesn't get much better than that.