Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Where has the time gone?

I have been away from my blogs for oh, about the last month! It's been crazier than usual here at Mockingbird Manor and the last two weeks have been filled with sick Oompa Loompas.

Imagine if you will - the madness of not being able to go anywhere except for the grocery store (less than 2 minutes from my house), Walgreens or the elementary school.  For 2 full weeks!!

It's not as if I were able to actually get anything done either.  Being nurse, maid, mommy and daddy takes it's toll.  If it would have gone on a single day more you would have found me sitting in the middle of the road, rocking back and forth singing 'Mary Had a Little Lamb."   The experience has left me quite proficient in the 'whineeze' language though.

Anyhoo - needless to say I was reaching quite a bit for my oils.  Rose and Frankincense . Oooooh how decadent is that?  Jasmine and Clary Sage.  Deeevine. Time was also spent sitting and just sniffing different oils.  Like Gollum I pulled my special oils out, the ones I kept hidden, with eyes glazed over - whispering to the oil how much I appreciated their gorgeous scent.......opened one up and then inhaled.  Scentgasmic I tell you! Spikenard with 1 single drop of Bulgarian Rose oil given to my by Jeanne Rose in 1996.  Frankincense from the year my first child was born.  Zdravetz, Rose with Cassia, Italian and Neroli given to me by MG.  I always go on about vintage Patchouli oil and there is definitely a reason for it.

Wondering how to get your own scentgasmic vintage Patchouli?  Well, the truth is my precioussses you must invest some time into it because I am not about to give mine up!  Buy yourself a good sized bottle of Patchouli from a reputable source.  (CH-Imports is a good place to start.)  Take HALF of whatever you buy, put it in another amber or cobalt bottle, LABEL it along with the date, where you bought it from and then put it away.  Forget that you even have it! Use the other half of the oil saved for whatever you need it for.  Aromatherapy, perfumery, skin care, etc.

Every 6 months or so take a peek and sniff at it.  Right down the changes you notice and after a while of doing this you'll have something that still smells like Patchouli, but it's very different than a newly purchased bottle of Patchouli.  After years have passed you will find yourself like me.  Hoarding it, talking to it, and using it for only very special blends!

Letting certain oils age, especially perfume blends is what most people aren't willing to do.  The Pretty Poison: Belladonna perfume potion blend I have is over TEN years old!   The older it gets, the deeper, more sultry and sexy it gets.  So I've been told ;)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mind Candy

Essential oils and essential oil blends make the most fabulous mind candy.  Mind Candy is a term I use for an aroma that can instantly transport or transform one to another place and time spiritually and emotionally.