Sunday, December 5, 2010

Book Review: Aromatherapy Treatments by Jeanne Rose

Jeanne Rose, The Grande Dame of AromaHerbalism has released a fabulous compendium of herbal, aromatherapy and other complimentary treatments! The material in the book comes directly from Jeanne Rose’s personal files spanned over the last 40 years. 40 years!  There aren’t that many experts in the fields of Aromatherapy and Herbalism who can say they have 40 years of writing, published works, consultations, and experiences behind them.  Having seen Ms. Roses’s files myself I am amazed (but not surprised) that she was able to pare it down to 200 invaluable pages.

Written in Ms. Rose’s legendary style you will learn to treat your physical, mental and emotional self as a whole using complimentary therapies through the use of herbs, aromatherapy, hydrosols, diet, nutrition, spa and massage.  Recipes for salves, massage oils, baths and more are included as well as an excellent formula for the dreaded Neti Pot.  Dreaded on my part that is, but with the formula given it is a much better experience! 

Aromatherapy Treatments is different from any of Ms. Rose’s other books in that the ailments covered are done so much more in-depth, sometimes 2 or 3 pages if not more covering a single subject. My favorite part of the book would be the 38 pages devoted to Asthma, the Respiratory System, Allergies, Sinuses and Bronchial treatments.  Another favorite would have to be the handy reference charts that are throughout the book as well for a variety of conditions and ailments.

Missing from this book would be information on PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome) which seems to be so prevalent these days included in the section for Women. However there are sections on Hypertension and Type 2 Diabetes, both a part of PCOS that I have found to be most helpful. 

On a daily basis I find myself referring to Aromatherapy Treatments.  If not to re-read it, then to look up treatments for my family or recipes to make preventative salves, sprays and massage oils.

For someone who is advanced in aromatherapy and herbalism Aromatherapy Treatments is a must have reference for your library that you will refer to again and again.  For someone who is new to aromatherapy and herbalism this book is not a replacement for the study of essential oils and herbs.  It will however, spark your curiosity (and perhaps even awe at the power of AromaHerbalism) to learn more about the use of herbs, essential oils and other complimentary therapies.  Who better to learn from than The Grande Dame?

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Note:  I have learned that this will be the first of 3 volumes that are to be released by Ms. Rose.  By the time she is finished it will be quite an amazing collective compendium!

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